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How to Live a Bodybuilding Lifestyle

There is no question about it - a bodybuilding lifestyle is different than a typical person. Here are some of the key areas of difference. Do you have what it takes to live like this?


A dedicated bodybuilder needs to sleep more than the average person. This includes nighttime sleep and naps. Why the difference? Sleep is the most anabolic factor of all. The more sleep you get, the better. You grow during sleep. Male lions sleep 20 hours a day. These are all reasons why someone under the heavy pressure of powerful lifting with the aim of growth needs to spend a lot of time in bed. The bodybuilding lifestyle is one of more sleep than typical and that’s just part of the game.

Bodybuilders need to go to bed earlier than the average person as well as more hormone activity is going on earlier in the nightly sleep cycle. So the bodybuilding lifestyle includes early and abundant sleep.


The bodybuilding lifestyle focuses largely on good nutrition. The average person eats poorly. A bodybuilder has to make a conscious decision at every meal, at every family outing, at every restaurant visit, to eat like a bodybuilder, not like a normal person. This means not only avoiding junk food but also targeting high protein, quality fat, and complex and fibrous carbs. It means eating more often during the day. It means preparing meals ahead of time. It means knowing the nutritional breakdown and nutrient content of everything you put in your mouth, beverages included. There is no way around it – a bodybuilding diet is much different than the average persons.

Training Time

A bodybuilder has to get in the training to get the growth. The average person spends a lot of time in front of a screen – television, computer, smartphone, etc. A bodybuilder has to habitually fire up the metabolism with a hard core workout and this takes a dedicated time frame every week. The average person spends their time elsewhere.

The bodybuilding lifestyle involves significant differences from the average lifestyle. If you want to be a bodybuilder, you have to engage in these different approaches to life consistently and make them part of your daily approach.

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