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Natural Bodybuilding vs Steroids

Sooner or later in your bodybuilding career or hobby you will have to make a choice between training naturally or using chemicals in the form of human growth hormone and steroids to build your body. Make no mistake it is a big choice and will affect your entire life. Too many young people make the choice flippantly, only to regret not thinking deeper about it when they were making the choice.

Training naturally has many benefits and some drawbacks as well. If you train naturally you won't face the nasty side effects of the chemicals in your body. You will build size and be able to keep it. You won't be doing anything illegal and won't have to look over your shoulder to see if someone might rat you out and send you to jail. The downside is that you won't get as big as the chemical users. You won't be able to come anywhere near them in competitions and most likely will be relegated to lower level contests. And even then you won't be sure you are not competing against drug users.

For those taking drugs, there is always a price to pay. Growth hormone and steroids can have deadly side effects and a host of other issues of a lesser nature. Use of these drugs is typically illegal. And the growth that is gained is artificial. It is artificial in this sense that when you take away the drugs, the size goes away as well. That's not true for natural bodybuilders, who keep their size.

Drug users face the tough road of "keeping up with the Jones" as well. That is, if some new and more powerful drug cocktail is put together, the drug user has to take it, and every other higher dosage that comes down the road in order to compete. And unfortunately, sometimes the result of taking these drugs doesn't fully appear for a few years, in the form of blown kidneys or heart failure.

The drug user often goes so far as to become freaky and non-athletic, looking more like a comic character than someone with athletic capability.

Everyone has to make the choice to go natural or to take the drugs, so think wisely before you do.

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